Buy a Home

a Home

This is a list of requirements before you can buy a home

1) Financial Information:

A quick overview of the most common items

Required Information:
  • The last 2 years of income tax.
  • The last 2 months of complete bank statements.

Additional Information If Applicable:
  • Bankruptcy Information.
  • Divorce Decree, Child Support, Alimony Information.
  • "Gift Funds" for your down payment: The donor will need to provide the last two months of bank statements.

Income Information:
    • (If Applicable): We may need a CPA letter confirming of your self-employment status.

    • 2 years of work history.
    • All of your pay stubs within the last 30 days.


2) Mortgage Prequalification:

Additional information will be required

With the information you just gathered from above, consult with your preferred lender to get a mortgage prequalification.

3) A Home to Buy:

A final easy step

Consult with Rosa when looking for a home to buy. With 22 years of experince, her expertise is intergrated into every trasaction.


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