Sell Your Home

Your Home

This is a list of requirements before you can sell your home

1) Establish the Value of Your Home:

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Every home owner should understand the value of their home before making decisions. Rosa can produce a "Comparative Market Analysis" report that is comprehensive in detail to summarize a precise value of your home.

Learn more about the Comparative Market Analysis.

2) Prepare Your Home:

Increase your home’s curb appeal

Home owners have one advantage on their side and that is "Home Staging." Rosa can help to advise on how you can increase the value of your home with a few changes.

Find out how you can stage your home.

3) Get Your Home Listed to Sell:

Meet with Rosa to guide you at no cost to you
Lear more about Rosa's services.

• Full Color Flyers for Your Listed Property:

• Elegant Real Estate Agent Signage for Your Home:

• Global Exposure of Your Property's Listing by Internet:


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